"What Do You Like About Sound Effects?" 


Sound Effects are cool.


I love them, and when I learned how to make my own, I became addicted.

The excitement gained by producing sounds that previously never existed is...


  • fun
  • exciting
  • lively
  • interesting
  • useful

I have an interest in music, and I required that extra magic and spark to bring my tracks to life, and add interest and atmosphere. That's how I started producing my own Sounds.

At (SoundFXproducer), there are ideas and tips for...


  • producing
  • processing
  • editing
  • using (SFX) in different ways.

"Notice the (SFX)", (an excepted abbreviation for Sound Effects), it will be used at certain points throughout.

Some interesting uses...


  • door bells
  • Halloween
  • ring tones
  • customizable cards (ex. birthday, Christmas)

"What is an SFX?"

 They are sounds artificially produced or enhanced. The term can apply to a method of adding effects to a sound, without describing the sound itself as an effect (ex...adding an echo to a sound previously recorded Is an effect), (ex...you have applied an effect to a sound).

These can be applied with VST plugins, (software instruments and/or effects used in sound production, and/or their studio hardware equivalent), such as...

  • echo effects unit
  • reverb effects unit

"What jobs can they do?"

 They can excite and stimulate our emotions, fire up our imagination, and articulate and highlight creative ideas in dramas and plays. They are invented and used in innovative ways in film, to accomplish creative gestures, enhance certain scenes and make a particular point without using voice or music.


Some (SFX) examples

  • echo

  • alert

  • tension

  • scary

  • relaxation

  • sci-fi



All those sounds make us feel a particular way. They stimulate our emotions and senses. Our brains are full of neurons, (cells that get excited electrically).

One estimate calculates, (the human brain has about... 100 billion neurons). Luckily...

Sound just happens to be one sense of many that our sensory neurons respond to. And thanks to...

Our ears, which are incredibly sensitive, we have astronomic potential and opportunity, to use sound in many ways, to achieve many different responses.


"What are SFX used for?"


There is vast amounts of uses. Here are some...

  • film
  • video games
  • music
  • TV shows
  • plays
  • dramas
  • pantomimes
  • presentations
  • podcasts
  • radio
  • ring tones
  • arcade machines
  • slide shows
  • personal u tube videos
  • electronic toys
  • animated films
  • live performances

"Who uses SFX?"


There are many jobs and interests where people have a need for them. They are...

  • Foley artists
  • sound editors
  • sound designers
  • audio engineers
  • hobbyists
  • video game producers
  • musicians

Sound Effects are very versatile and have many different uses. Here at SoundFXproducer I hope you find at least one use for SFX, and achieve what your project or interest requires and deserves.


 "Boost up your creative talents, its time to produce some magic."


Philip Mcavoy (in studio) www.soundfxproducer.com

Philip Mcavoy (in studio)


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