How Was Created

Hi  -  My name is Philip Mcavoy.


I have a Huge interest in Sound Effects and...


  • how Sound Effects can enhance music and film
  • how Sound Effects can create extremely convincing themes from cartoon to sci-fi
  • how Sound Effects can create complete sound scapes
  • The massive range of applications that Sound Effects can be used for
  • how sound is produced
  • how sound can affect our emotions
  • how digital sound can be manipulated
  • how our hearing has such incredible sensitivity to an almost limitless range of sounds


In the past, I completed a short course (Record Production) at Point Blank music studios in London. I started creating trance music demos in my own small production studio. During these times I have gained many years of experience in...

  • using a digital audio workstation
  • vst plugins
  • digital software mixers, samplers, synthesizers, drum machines, effects, processors
  • midi
  • audio
  • recording
  • using, programming synthesizers, including designing patches and creating sounds
  • mixing
  • arranging
  • automation
  • sampling
  • sequencers
  • synthesizers
  • midi controllers
  • digital audio editing
  • processing
  • portable digital recording


Many of the above tasks are used at times during the design and production of sound effects.

Studio Pictures



















The Heart Of The Studio











The Need For Sound Effects

During the production of my trance music demos, I soon discovered that something was missing. I needed something extra, something to enhance the tracks and carry them further, and to make them stand out and be extra exciting.


I Needed Sound Effects.

The Next Step

As I stated on my home page, I needed Sound Effects to enhance my music tracks and that’s how I started to create them.

I gradually built a collection of Sounds, and with them, experience in creating them. 

I started ( to take my knowledge of Sound Effects to the next level, and further develop new ways of using Sound Effects. To raise awareness of how useful they are and how many applications they can be applied to.

I love creating sound effects, editing, processing and using them. This is why I want people like You to Benefit, by passing on my experience and knowledge of Sound Effects.