Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit the sounds for my projects?

YES if it is necessary to make them fit into a music track etc. (ex...equalize, pan, level, filter).

IMPORTANT: If you tweak or transform a sound so that it is unrecognisable from the original, you need to let know before you use it, with details about the sound, the original sound and how you intend to use it.

You certainly can NOT transform them beyond recognition and sell them as your own.

Can the sounds be used on their own?

If its for personal use YES. (ex...ring tones, door bells). At all other times, the sounds must be mixed in with other sounds, be embedded or form part of an audio/visual work. Your work can then be sold commercially.


Can I use the sounds on my website?

YES and NO. If its for button clicks or any other function where a mouse cursor drags or hovers over something, YES you can use our sounds for that. If its to upload sounds to a website with the intention of file sharing, distributing, leasing, lending, renting, sub licensing, claiming ownership or re-selling the sounds as your own, then NO, definitely not.


Can I make a list of sounds with play buttons on my website like

NO. Not with the sounds as they are. If you create a new audio/visual work with our sounds embedded in it, then YES you could.


Have I to pay a royalty to if I start selling my work which contains sounds from

NO. You are covered by with our licence agreement to use the sounds downloaded free or purchased.


Can I give my friend a copy of the sounds?

NO. You can not lend, file share or give away any of our copyrighted sounds to any 3rd party.


Can I load the sounds onto a server or hard drive and allow all my friends or colleague to use them for personal or commercial use?

NO. That’s file sharing. When you download a sound free or purchased, you are covered by a single use licence. At this time a multi user licence is not available. It may be in the future. You can`t use sounds as commercial ring tones or in electronic toys or games etc. You CAN however use them in video game production.


I want to make a compilation of sounds to sell. Can I use sounds from to put along with the other sounds?

NO. You can`t use the sounds as a standalone item, original or edited to form part of any library, collection or database, or sell them on to a 3rd party. They must first be embedded or mixed into your project material to form part of a new work created by you.


I want to start producing my own ring tones to sell. Can I use sounds from to do this?

NO. You must not use the sounds in conjunction with software programs such as ringtone maker, sell the sounds on or claim them as your own.


I have a great video I created. I want to use sounds in it and load it up to U tube. Is this OK?

YES its fine.


I`m doing a presentation in my school and would like to use some sound effects from to help explain what I am talking about. Is this OK?

Yes. Provided no one else gets hold of them.


I`m getting a new computer. I might dump the old one or give it to my friend. It contains sounds from Is this OK?

NO. definitely not. You would breach your licence agreement and could get into serious trouble. You must delete all copies of sounds from if you are finished with them. It is your responsibility to delete sounds from any type of hardware device if they are not required any more. Once sounds are deleted, you can dump or give away your computer. The licence covers you to use the sounds as often as you want, so you could copy the sounds from the old computer and transfer them to the new one.


How many copies can I make of the sounds?

ONE backup copy for your own use during a project. It must not be shared in any way.


I am using a cool sound effect for a message alert on my phone. My friend heard it and wants a copy. Is this OK?

NO. You can`t file share or distribute the standalone sounds in any way (even if they are free), that`s a serious breach of the licence agreement. You can point your friend to this website to download it from here.


Check out our licence agreement for more details