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Whether the sound effects are available as a free download or purchased, the sound effects are NOT SOLD or GIVEN to you. They are licensed to you (the licensee) by (the licensor).

By downloading any of the sounds on this website (even if its a FREE download), you agree and except to be bound by this licence agreement and all the terms and conditions within it. encourages creativity, and will be glad if your project becomes a success. will take great pride in the knowledge that our sound effects have helped people achieve their ambition.

You must read this agreement in full before downloading any sound effects from You must use the sound effects only for the purpose that is permitted by this licence agreement. will defend its copyrighted sound effects to the maximum extent under law. Failure to abide by this licence agreement and all the terms and conditions within it could get you into all sorts of trouble.

If our sounds are on any hardware device, you are completely responsible for the sound effects if anyone should get access to that hardware.

Our licence agreement applies to all the sounds on this website (free or purchased). wants you to become a success and would prefer not to get into any legal battles. However, this is real world and not everyone abides by rules. So...

To help make it clear what you CAN or CAN`T use our sound effects for, has provided the answers below...


Use our sound effects for...

  • Personal ringtones (not for commercial use)
  • U tube videos
  • Presentations
  • School projects
  • Doorbells (personal use at your own premises)
  • Website button clicks etc. Blogs, podcasts
  • Music production
  • Personal videos
  • Plays
  • Pantomimes
  • Stage productions
  • Computer video game productions
  • Mobile phone alert tones
  • Audio/visual works
  • Sound design (if mixed in with your own original material to form new works)
  • Halloween or birthday parties etc. (at your own premises only)
  • Any other use not stated here as long as it does not breach the licence agreement



Use our sound effects for...

File sharing:

  • Give your friends a copy
  • Post on the internet, blog or file sharing website
  • Load onto a server or database where your friends or a colleague have access to them
  • Provide any type of remote access to them
  • Allow others to use them in their projects


  • Make the sounds available as they are, as part of a collection of sounds
  • Give out free copies to anyone
  • Make them available to others as a free or commercial ringtone
  • Dispose of hardware containing sounds without deleting them first
  • Give or sell hardware containing sounds (ex...portable doorbells, computer hard drives)


  • Give your friends a copy to listen to even if the intentions were to give it back


  • Sell them as your own sounds
  • Use them as commercial ring tones, or freely distributed ones
  • Use them in software programs such as ring tone maker
  • Use them in electronic toys/gadgets/games (they CAN be used in video games)


Unlike some other sound effect websites, does not punish you for being successful. Once you download our sound effects you can use them as many times as you want, and in as many projects as you like. You will never have to pay another penny. Some sound effect websites allow the use of their sounds up to (ex...1,000 copies) and then you have to pay them a royalty. Not with Sell a thousand copies or even a million and you will not have to pay any more than the original price to download.


All our sound effects are ROYALTY FREE. You are granted limited, non exclusive world wide rights to use sound effects from in a commercial or non-commercial project. You do not pay us any royalties ever time you sell your own work that contains sound effects.


You MUST CREDIT by including the following URL in your project...


 It can be placed anywhere in your credits list (your website or blog, artwork, back covers, inner booklet of physical audio/visual work).


See our FAQ`S (frequently asked questions) section for more questions and answers regarding the use of our sound effects.


Check out our frequently asked questions for more details.