Alarm Sound Effect

The alarm sound effect has many uses. Although similar to the siren sound effect, its intended purpose is different. The function of the alarm is to alert people to a possible break in  of their property and/or car etc.

The type of sounds used can be...

  • Bells
  • Siren (usually the high speed piercer type)
  • Klaxon
  • Horn

Some Free Sounds


Take Immediate Action!

The alarm can be suitable for certain jobs depending on the sound it produces. The type of sound gives us a hint as to what it is used for. A constant ring or shrill is usually associated with a...

  • Fire
  • Car

The constant sound ( alarm without a silent pause between tones) needs to alert us, but also to draw us over to sort out the problem.


“Ever watched any of the old James Bond films?”

The sounds are iconic, and the moment you hear them you know its time to leave the building. This is usually a klaxon sound.

A couple of tones, then a pause followed by more tones usually means (instant danger/evacuate). After the tones alert us, the pause between the tones cause a bit of tension which gives us a sense of Emergency. This is possibly why...

This type of sound pattern makes us feel that we need to Escape Danger. The anticipation that something is about to happen that we are UN-sure of during the silent pause, causes anxiety. (A pause in a music track creates tension, as does rising pitch).

There isn’t any strict rule to say what type of sound should be used in a given situation, but some sounds have become widely accepted for their purpose.

Smoke Detector

Used in residential and commercial buildings. The sound is a high pitched shrill. It`s important that the sound is loud enough, and in the frequency range that our ears are most sensitive (between 2 and 5 kHz). Although recent research suggests that a low frequency (550Hz) square wave is more effective. This is possibly due to the fact that the lower the frequency a sound gets, the more you start to feel it as well as hear it.

Other types include...

  • Personal
  • Security

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